Company Description

P.K.(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd found in 2016,one professional import&export trading company .Its owner,Mr.Bernard Shi,has been working in the field of light industrial products export since 2001 after college graduation.Now mainly exporting here in China:Advertising equipments,banner stands,shading products(such as,tents,car covers,canvas tarps,etc.),protective products (civil use or medical use products,such as,face masks,isolation gowns,etc.),electrical tools,Steel tape ruler, disc ruler, steel frame ruler and other measuring tools,etc. Our products have been exported to Sweden ,UK,USA,UAE,Saudi Arabia,Italy,Polando,Russia,Guatemala,Malaysia,Thailand,Negeria,etc.

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Business Type:
  • wholesaler
  • exporter
  • trading company
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Register Date : Sep 22, 2022
Basic Information
Company Name : P.K.(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd
Business Type :
  • wholesaler
  • exporter
  • trading company
Phone : 13818443943
Zip Code: 201821
Register Address: RM1911,No.1199,Defu Road
Main Product: Hardware