CYCJET High Speed 30W CO2 Flying Laser Printer Model LC30F
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20 Pieces US $60/ Kilogram
CO2 Flying Laser Printer, as an industrial coding system, specially for marking message on most of non-metal material surface. After decades development, the CO2 laser source is smaller and compact, suitable for the working space which required narrow. Compare the traditional laser source, the metal tube CO2 can output stronger & continuous laser beam than glass tube.Laser marking is a no contact marking, no need ink, solvent, cleaner. The machine controlled by industrial computer, which control laser and Galvo Scanner automatic print different language, picture, QR Code and anti-counterfeiting mark on product surface. Mark speed fast, clear and beautiful. The coding is a permanent marking, can not erase and fake after long time storage. Especially laser marking machine don’t use ink ,it will greatly reduce the machine operation cost and its pollution to the environment, it is to a certain extent, to satisfy people requirements of safety and less pollution.
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    60 / Kilogram
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    Electric Power Tools
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