Cathylin Group Co., Ltd.
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Since its establishment in 2009, Cathylin has evolved over the course of 11 years. It has not only gained recognition as a prominent food and kitchen brand but has also come to symbolize people's quest for enhancing their dining experiences. Cathylin's focus on food extends beyond mere sustenance; it has transformed into a pursuit of creating enjoyable dining atmospheres. Aligning its brand concept with products, Cathylin has elevated tableware to a lifestyle-enhancing commodity. Many users attest to the delightful product experiences offered by Cathylin. Presently, Cathylin boasts a diverse range of food and kitchen supplies, encompassing tableware, kitchen utensils, baking essentials, bar tools, and more. The brand aspires to deliver a superior product experience to both users and customers alike. Cathylin consistently advocates for the use of exquisite tableware to elevate the enjoyment of meals. The enduring goal is to enable people to relish their meal and cooking times. Cathylin asserts that the essence of life's happiness lies in discovery, as well as in relishing the everyday beauty that surrounds us. In the pursuit of happiness, Cathylin emphasizes the significance of small objects, often discovered serendipitously, that carry the energy of joy and happiness. Through these incidental life discoveries, individuals absorb, digest, and cultivate unique taste preferences and diverse experiences of beauty, especially in kitchen supplies. There are two key factors contributing to Cathylin's success. First, the brand possesses over 20 years of industry experience, supported by a highly professional team dedicated to product production, research and development, and sales. This ensures that Cathylin stays attuned to market needs, contemporary design trends, and varied functional requirements, aligning its brand products with prevailing market trends. Second, Cathylin's commitment to product quality is evident through the successful passing of various certification systems, encompassing raw materials, production processes, and final product composition.

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Company Name : Cathylin Group Co., Ltd.
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Main Product: Flatware , Kitchen Tools & Gadgets , Kitchen Knives & Accessories , Bakeware , Table Decoration & Accessories , Drinkware , Barware , Dinnerware , Cookware , Kitchen Storage